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Super 8

Film Festival

2020 Program

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Congratulations to Our Award Winners

People's Choice Award- Anthony Thambynayagam for Figure Man

Filmmakers Choice Award- John Krull & Yukari Romano for In Search of the Perfect Beer

Brennan Chamber's Award- Grant Crawford for Return of Robot

Runner Up - Anthony Thambynayagam for Figure Man

Duwamish Longhouse and Friends of Georgetown History Award- Jesse Moore & Patty Foley for Headstones

Runner up - Clint Berquist for Block Party


Youth Filmmaker Awards- Davis Creative Productions for Where the Cats Play

                             -   Hazel, Lucy, and Emma for The Ghosts of GT


Jonathan Marlow's Award- Rana San for letters to [and from] Pablo

Runner Up - Neil Rhoades and Alyson Stoner-Rhoades for A Glimpse of the Connections Museum

Lyn McCracken's Award- Jesse Moore & Patty Foley for Headstones

Runner Up - Chris Pfeifle for Hold Fast

Rana San's Award- Stephen Leonard Samelko for The Great Paralysis

Runner Up- Kevin Coulton for Endemic

Shannon Gee's Award- Just John for West Nebraska

Runner Up- Grant Crawford for Return of Robot

Runner Up- Stephen Leonard Samelko for The Great Paralysis

Spirit of GS8 Award- Special Olympics by Cedar Bushue & Jean-Paul Builes

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Corrie Greening Surpise in the Freezer_0
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Corrie Greening Surpise in the Freezer_1
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Jesse Moore Head Stone_36 copy.JPG
Corrie Greening Surpise in the Freezer_1
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Furst Class 2020 Lauras Studio_010 copy.
John Bacarro Nebraska_05 copy.JPG
Jesse Moore Head Stone_42 copy.JPG
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Furst Class 2020 Lauras Studio_043 copy.
Jesse Moore Head Stone_50 copy.JPG
John Bacarro Nebraska_29 copy.JPG
Flower People by Nemo_48 copy.JPG
Furst Class 2020 Lauras Studio_039 copy.
Jesse Moore Head Stone_21 copy.JPG
Jesse Moore Head Stone_11 copy.JPG
Resized_20200214_140136 copy.jpg
John Bacarro Nebraska_25 copy.JPG

All images by Janet Neuhauser

except "FIgure Man" photos by Anthony Thambynayagam

Special Thanks to the GS8 Dev Team for creation of our new Video Archive Viewer: 

Ian Johnson

Hannah Pittman

Jordan Rackley

Joseph Vincenzi

REEL 1 – A Tidal River Has



By Laura Wright

River's Gift

by Nolan Gonzalez and Ashleen O'Brien

Starring: Ashleen O'Brien and Lula(dog in the video)

Music by: Sam Phillips Corwin


This is a film about the Duwamish river and the Duwamish land that I am currently living on. Every time I walk past the river near my house I have a feeling that something special might be hiding beneath the water. This video is about that special thing while highlighting some of my favorite parts of the neighborhood. Also, my dog is in it!



by Chris Pfeifle

Captain: Jared
First Mate: Steve
Boatswain’s Mate: Quigley
Deckhand: Bob
Chef: JD

Helmsmen: Pete
Rigger: Dave
Lyrics: Kevin Baker
Director: Chris

2117 miles from the nearest shoreline and a heavy storm bearing down on them the crew of the sailing vessel “CoRonin” have a decision to make...panic or HOLD FAST.

Hard Edges, Soft Ground

by  m.o.i. aka The Minister of Information 


Film and Sound by Don Wilkison aka m.o.i. 

Music by Lazy Boy Blues, Unicorn Heads; The Heartache, Ugonna Onyekwe; Bro Time, Nat Keefe & BeatMower. 


Hard Edges, Soft Ground is centered around the Lower Duwamish River over the period Feb 9-12th, 2020. The film explores and juxtaposes some of my favorite Georgetown activities. These include exploring industrial and riverine habitats, unwrapping take-out tamales from Lorena’s Kitchen, savoring cake from Deep Sea and Sugar, and lounging in Ruby Chow Park in order to watch planes land on Boeing Field. 



REEL 2 – Banks with Stories


The Adventures of Oak and Humbug

by Christopher Kimbrough & Elahe Zare


starring: Oak as himself, Humbug as himself

(Humbug created by Irene Pedersen)

A huge thank you the Recycling Depot, Stellar Pizza, Wholesale Growers Market, SANCA, Deep Sea Sugar & Salt, for providing the sets and props for this film.


A young boy in an industrial city meets a magical creature who takes him on a whirlwind adventure to a whimsical land full of color and joy.


Where the Cats Play

by Davis Creative Productions


Cast: Zivia Davis and Finn Davis

Creative Director: Megan Davis

Music: “Kitty” by The Presidents of the United States of America


The Ghosts of GT

by Hazel, Lucy & Emma


Staring: Asher, Swift and Ewan

Ghost Appearances: Hazel & Lucy

Filmed By: Emma

Sound :  Hazel & Lucy


All film-makers & actors are 11 years old or younger. 


No Fly Zone

by Trinh Duong & Rob Jellinek


Villain: Trinh Duong

Reader: Kinsley Ogunmola

Flip Flip Ding Ding/ Deep Sea Patron: Keri Stenerson

Deep Sea Baker in the Dark: Jayne Cayabyab

Director/ Sound/ Light Meter Expert: Rob Jellinek

Story: Trinh Duong


When an unsuspecting reader picks up a strange new comic at Fantagraphics, a devious villain from the comic steals a fairy's wings and is transported from the story to real-world Georgetown. Thrilled by her newfound freedom, she explores Georgetown, causing mayhem wherever she goes. It is up to the reader to capture her back into the book! 


Flyght Path (or The Girl is Fly)

by Tracy Thompson



by Jesse Moore and Patty Foley


8mm film, poem, sound

March 2020

REEL 3 – People Who Live There


The Busker

by Peter Reiquam


Starring Jackson Reiquam

Music and Sound by Jackson Reiquam


A search for community

by Paul Dewald


Music by "A friend"


Thanks to

Max @ Lawless forge

Dan @ Motive Custom Woodwork

Colin @ Cyclefab

Lowercase brewing


In a world full of uncertainty, finding common ground can feel harder than ever. Forging community has never been more important.


In Search of the Perfect Beer

by John Krull & Yukari Romano


Producer and Director: John Krull

Cinematography and Camera: Yukari Romano

Starring: John Krull

Music by: Craig MacArthur (free licence from YouTube)


This Super 8 short by filmmakers John Krull and Yukari Romano features well-known Georgetown breweries. In the film, John, playing himself, sets out in search of the perfect beer. Alas, the search continues so look forward to next years' entries.


Bike Man

by Jessica Foss


Flower People

by Nemo Campisi


Television Head played by Zort Zeepzort

Flower Head played by Zac

Monster played by Ted


Chasing Terrence

By Terrence Wynder, Kevin Drury, Kris Brown, and Ernest Argyros


Audio Credits:


ACT II: Kris Brown & Ernest Argyros



REEL 4 – And Places it Shapes


A Glimpse of the Connections Museum

by Neil Rhoades & Alyson Stoner-Rhoades


Sound sample from Isolation Loops by Hainbach


Only 200 feet from our house in Georgetown, we were inspired to document the wonders of the Connections Museum. Displaying meticulously, lovingly kept telecommunications technology from a bygone age, much like the Super 8 Camera.


Thanks to The Connections Museum for filming access & assistance


Observation of Place

by Alexis Wood


A reflection on the visual elements around us, both fixed and evolving, that subconsciously inform our understanding of place.


Innocent Chaos

by Jason Zook


West Nebraska 

by Just John


Featuring: Blackbird- goes by “Scout”, Chef Cesar, Grandma & Grandpa, Cousin Chris, & Malia 

Location: Fix Auto Body & Jellyfish Brewing 

Music: “The Chronicles of Georgetown”, by DJ Neebor


Random things that can happen at a family business on the corner Corson and Nebraska. 

February 28, 2020. 



by Kevin Coulton


Residents of the Duwamish Valley have an average lifespan that's ten years shorter than the rest of Seattle. Systemic pollution doesn't just hurt the environment, it hurts everyone.


our usual table

by la dele sines and allan phillips


Soundtrack by la dele sines - music uncredited from public domain compilation, ambient restaurant sounds.




REEL 5 – It’s Been a Long Hard Spring


Frances Doesn’t Care for the Blues 

by William Brandt


Music : Frances Doesn’t Care for the Blues  by 

Actors: Joanne Klein & Billy Brandt 

Piano: Shawn Schlogel & Carl Hikaru Okada 

Bass: Greg Feingold 

Drums: Jamael Nance 


Public Grief

by Ali Rowenna


Filmmaker-Producer/Audio Design - Ali Rowenna

Model/Co-Producer-  Ilysia Van Deren


Purveyor of Lost Dreams

by  Mackenzi Wakley


Actor: Sean Canfield

Music: Mackenzi Wakley 


Special Olympics Basketball

by Cedar Bushue


Camera Work by Jean-Paul Builes


Leap Year MMXX

by Angelina Tolentino


Background Music: The Sight Below

Starring: Jerry, Logan, Homer, Simone, Octopus, Tarik, Charlie, Penguin, John E, & Victoria


An octopus decides to take a day off of the daily grind to hang out with friends


Sun's there, you're just not high enough

by Madison Holup


Song "Summer" by the Wednesdays

Featuring: Vané Moreno, Mars Clark, KK Daly, & Mad Holup

 "Summer" Recorded by Jak McKool. 


The Wednesdays spend an afternoon romping around South Park, finding nature in the industrial and industry in the natural. Dreaming of better times and sunshine, they make the most of a gloomy Seattle day. The band ends up practicing outside their space, Whale House Studios and celebrates over pints at Loretta's. 



REEL 6 – But There is Still Love


In the Air

by Ann Sammon


Starring: Ann & Jhon
Music by: Jhon Warren Gilroy
Special thanks to Tracy T.

letters to [and from] Pablo 

by Rana San 


Letters: Rana San + David Bestock 

Voice + Music: Pablo Schvarzman ft. Citrus Máxima + Camellia Sinesis from album "Seeds"  


Improvised visual letters breach sense, distance, and substance.


Surprise in the Freezer

by Corrie Greening


Starring: Wynne Pei

Music by: Interstellar


Big Thanks to: Augie Pagan, Anthony Thambynayagam, Jason Austin, Tang!!!, Randy Pettigrew, Grant Eckman, Scott Horrell, Michele + Chris McMullen, Steve Withycombe, Laura Wright and the Georgetown Super 8 Film Festival


The Best Day of My Life

by Jason Austin


Credits: Willie West, Jason Austin, Anthony Thambynayagam, Randy Pettigrew, Corrie Greening, Augie Pagan, Tang!!!


Original Score: Jason Austin

Produced by The Georgetown AV Club: Anthony Thambynayagam, Augie Pagan, Corrie Greening, Jason Austin, Tang!!!


Dedicated to David and Don- Your impact on this community will never be forgotten.



The Great Paralysis

by Stephen Leonard Samelko


Original song, “Flashbang.” by Stephen Leonard

Mannequin: Julio

Waitress: Emma Jay Byfield

Narrator: Stephen Leonard


REEL 7 – And We Have Each Other ¯\_(?)_/¯


The Big Con

by Augie Pagan


A Five Dagger Films & Fiver Studio Production

Executive Producer: Scott Horrell  

Staring: Jared Britt, Anna Lange, Chris Pfeifle, & Kate Jessup

Crew: Jason Austin, Anthony Thambynayagam, Tang

Sound Engineer: Jared Britt

Costumes: Pretty Parlor & Scott Horrell

Music: Courage and Strength by Tilman Sillescu, Five to one by Steve Poloni


When a neighborhood mob boss finds out his best friend has been secretly stealing money from him, he starts to not only question their friendship, but also, if he should let his friend continue to live.


Figure Man
by Anthony Thambynayagam

Starring - Willie West
Original Score - Arran Emory McInnis
Make up/SFX - Ed Kroupa, Katarina Toft, Nichole Rathburn, and Michael Koehler
Production team - Jason Douglas Austin, Mark Johnson, Corrie Greening, and Augie Pagan
Produced by - Anthony Thambynayagam and Mark Johnson

A man journeys back home.

Return of Robot

by Grant Crawford


Actors - Cameron Olson, Caleb Crawford and Will Fifield
Music - Grant Crawford


The mechanized forces returned to conquer the world, this time through mind control.


Death of a Libation

By Amee Shepard


Block Party

by Clint Berquist


Music written by Tamlin and performed by DUBCAR.


REEL 8 – And the Crazy Things We Do


Bus Sweat

by Craig Downing


Additional Help: Valerie Sloane and Bernard Mann


Perros Manos (dog hands)
by Zack Lindsey + Keturah Walker

Starring: Gato + the Beat!
Cast: Keturah, Zack, Drea, Greg, Nathaniel, Mary

A story torn from the pages of history - a powerful relic, dogs that control humans, a struggle for control - and it happens in Georgetown.


In Plastic



River City Racers

by Sean B.


Sound courtesy of YouTube Audio Library & Freesound



by Michael Campos, Lauren Harris, Jordan Maples and Ryan Rohrer


A Hard Day's Day

by Adam Walker and Charlotte Blythe


Starring: Nox Novacula

Music by: Nox Novacula

Special thanks to All City and Georgetown Music.

Meet the GS82020 Judges

Lyn McCracken is an artist, photographer, and educator. Her work is primarily documentary and includes a variety of themes: laborers, gangs in San Francisco, the Cypress Street Bridge, burnt forests, and cultural and architectural images from Cuba, Peru, and El Salvador. Lyn has taught photography in colleges, high schools, and community centers since the early 1990's. Lyn makes connections as she teaches, between the history of photography, the technology and science of photography, light and chemistry, and how people see or perceive the world. She has an ongoing interest in the role of photographic images as catalysts or indicators of social change. Lyn has received awards, grants and institutional commissions for her work.  She currently teaches at The Northwest School in Seattle

Rana San is an artist and arts administrator who, prior to stepping into her current role as Artistic Director, served as the Community Programmer at NWFF, co-creating programming driven by and for the community.   

Rana co-directs the annual Cadence: Video Poetry Festival, the only video poetry festival in the PNW.  Drawing on her background in performing arts and cultural management, she has curated and produced cultural festivals, museum programs, and intimate creative salons in Seattle, Istanbul, and Barcelona. Her creative practice melds dreamwork, written word, body in motion, video poetry, and analog photography. She’s interested in the ways we relate to ourselves, each other, our surroundings, the unknown, and the new meanings that are made in spaces where artistic mediums meet.

Rana’s first stop motion animation short disarmed screened at Local Sightings in 2016 and she serves on the short film committee for the Seattle Turkish Film Festival.

Shannon Gee, is an award-winning television producer documentary filmmaker, and general manager of the

Seattle Channel is an award-winning municipal television station that reflects, informs and inspires the community it serves with a local mix of news, analysis, stories and perspectives you won't find anywhere else.


Gee’s award-winning Seattle Channel documentaries include One Generation’s Time: The Legacy of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes, an account of the 1981 murders of the Filipino American labor activists, and Massive Monkees: The Beacon, which chronicled the local hip-hop crew’s rise from break-dancing competitions at local community centers to world-championship stages.

Prior to joining Seattle Channel, Gee worked at KCTS 9 public television, as an independent documentary filmmaker, and as a print and web freelance film critic and features writer. She is the recipient of seven Northwest Regional Emmy Awards and numerous Emmy nominations. She serves on community advisory committees with the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience and is a member of the Asian American Journalists Association.


The Friends of Georgetown History is a community group of friendly and talented neighbors dedicated to celebrating the neighborhood of Georgetown’s many contributions to the legend of Seattle’s early years.

These goals have included: saving and restoring the Hat n’ Boots to Oxbow Park, producing the Georgetown Haunted History Tour and researching and compiling Georgetown memoirs into book format.

Brenan Chambers oversees projection, sound, lighting and other tech needs as as Technical Director for the Northwest Film Forum Technical. He has worked as a projectionist since the age of 16 and has worked extensively with the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle International Film Festival, and several other theaters around the northwest. Brenan became a volunteer projectionist at the Northwest Film Forum after moving to Seattle from eastern Washington in 2009. When not spending most of his time in windowless booths, he has a passion for electronics, music production and video art, synthesizers and all things hands-on & DIY.


Jonathan Marlow is an occasional curator, cinematographer, composer, filmmaker and film producer with a handful of award-winning films to his credit. Prior to his roles at film distributors Paracme and Arbelos, Marlow was (or continues to be) affiliated with numerous film festivals (including Camera Obscura and SIFF), nonprofit film organizations (Northwest Film Forum, Flaherty Seminar, San Francisco Cinematheque) and tech-centric film distribution companies (notably Fandor, Amazon and others). Marlow is concurrently a member of the Board of Directors of the Canyon Cinema Foundation and co-Vice President of the Board of Trustees of International Film Seminars. In addition to his infrequent articles and interviews for an assortment of publications, Marlow is known to host screenings throughout the world showcasing remarkable films that are generally unavailable elsewhere.

Photograph (and “photographic manipulations”) by Zazie

GS8_Award no shadow.png

Thank you to all of our judges for Making GS82020 Great!

Award design and fabrication courtesy of Corrie Greening and Holly Mistur.

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