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Filmmaker's Choice Award

In Search of the Perfect Beer

by John Krull & Yukari Romano


Producer and Director: John Krull

Cinematography and Camera: Yukari Romano

Starring: John Krull

Music by: Craig MacArthur (free licence from YouTube)


This Super 8 short by filmmakers John Krull and Yukari Romano features well-known Georgetown breweries. In the film, John, playing himself, sets out in search of the perfect beer. Alas, the search continues so look forward to next years' entries.

Shannon Gee's Award

West Nebraska 

by Just John


Featuring: Blackbird- goes by “Scout”, Chef Cesar, Grandma & Grandpa, Cousin Chris, & Malia 

Location: Fix Auto Body & Jellyfish Brewing 

Music: “The Chronicles of Georgetown”, by DJ Neebor


Random things that can happen at a family business on the corner Corson and Nebraska. 

February 28, 2020.