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Filmmaker's Choice Award

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In Search of the Perfect Beer

by John Krull & Yukari Romano


Producer and Director: John Krull

Cinematography and Camera: Yukari Romano

Starring: John Krull

Music by: Craig MacArthur (free licence from YouTube)


This Super 8 short by filmmakers John Krull and Yukari Romano features well-known Georgetown breweries. In the film, John, playing himself, sets out in search of the perfect beer. Alas, the search continues so look forward to next years' entries.

GS8_Award no shadow.png

Shannon Gee's Award

04_04_John Bacarro.jpg

West Nebraska 

by Just John


Featuring: Blackbird- goes by “Scout”, Chef Cesar, Grandma & Grandpa, Cousin Chris, & Malia 

Location: Fix Auto Body & Jellyfish Brewing 

Music: “The Chronicles of Georgetown”, by DJ Neebor


Random things that can happen at a family business on the corner Corson and Nebraska. 

February 28, 2020. 

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