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GS8 Sound Information

Do yourself a favor and listen to this Transom broadcast before starting your sound work.  


 GS8 Sound Guidelines
We are asking participants to submit their completed film with their audio and film in one MP4 video file. There are numerous free software options you can use to sync your audio file with your completed film. 

 Need Help syncing Sound with your film?
Email us:
Sound sound file as a .wav or .mp3
You may send directions on where to start your sound.  For example "please start sound on the first  frame of the first image" or "please start sound at the very beginning of the video file."  Remember that there is no perfect synchronized sound in GS8 so build your sound file with flexibility in mind.

Apps for Recording or Making Sound With Your Phone

Use a cell phone to capture sound

-use the voice memo function on an iphone or Android

-if you have an iphone, use the GarageBand app

-Wave Pad works on PC or Mac and laptop or cell phone.  It has a 30 days free trial.

  for mor information you can go to 



-Dolby has created a very easy to use recorder app with a function that analyzes the ambient noise and reduces it

Creative Commons Sound You Can Download

WavePad iPhone earbuds mic
Wave Pad iPhone no mic
Dolby iPhones Earbud Mic
iPhone voice memo earbud mic
iPhone voice memo no mic
Garage Band on iPhone

Sound Resources and Information in Spanish

Robust Sound Editing Programs

Audacity- Mac, PC, and Linux



Wave Pad- Mac and PC including mobile for both



GarageBand- Mac Only

Getting a Digital File of Your Film

Send me a link to a drop box or google drive folder so I can send your film file to you:     

Creating and Recording Sound- Theory and History


Sound from Different Microphones

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