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GS8 Reel 4 Audio
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Lynn McCracken's Award Runner-Up

01_02_CHris Pfeifle.jpg


by Chris Pfeifle

Captain: Jared
First Mate: Steve
Boatswain’s Mate: Quigley
Deckhand: Bob
Chef: JD

Helmsmen: Pete
Rigger: Dave
Lyrics: Kevin Baker
Director: Chris

2117 miles from the nearest shoreline and a heavy storm bearing down on them the crew of the sailing vessel “CoRonin” have a decision to make...panic or HOLD FAST.

GS8_Award no shadow.png

Rana San's

Award Runner-Up

04_05_Kevin Coulton.jpg


by Kevin Coulton


Residents of the Duwamish Valley have an average lifespan that's ten years shorter than the rest of Seattle. Systemic pollution doesn't just hurt the environment, it hurts everyone.

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