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GS8 Reel 3 Audio D
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People's Choice Award &

Brennan Chamber's Award Runner-Up

07_02_Anthony Thambayan.jpg

Figure Man
by Anthony Thambynayagam

Starring - Willie West
Original Score - Arran Emory McInnis
Make up/SFX - Ed Kroupa, Katarina Toft, Nichole Rathburn, and Michael Koehler
Production team - Jason Douglas Austin, Mark Johnson, Corrie Greening, and Augie Pagan
Produced by - Anthony Thambynayagam and Mark Johnson

A man journeys back home.

GS8_Award no shadow.png

Duwamish Longhouse and Friends of Georgetown History Award Runner-Up

07_05_Clint Berquist.jpg

Block Party

by Clint Berquist


Music written by Tamlin and performed by DUBCAR.

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