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Cost includes one roll of black and white super 8 film, processing, digital transfer, and shipping.  Purchases made by credit card will show "Laura Wright," GS8's organizer, as the payee on your statement.  


Black & White Pro8-66 Stock- This is a reversal/ positive film that can be projected through a super 8 projector.

The Pro8-66 stock is a high-speed black and white film suitable for brightly lit interiors and exteriors. This stocks gives a traditional film look that can also be projected on a traditional film projector. Kodak Tri-X B&W reversal film; 3 stops of latitude.

See an example here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch time_continue=1&v=O3Sai_fhGLA

Black & White Super 8 Film- 1 Roll

  • Shipping

    Film will not be shipped to you. You will pick up your film at the crash course or when you check your camera out.