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The cost covers the film, processing, a digital transfer, and shipping.  Purchases made by credit card will show "Laura Wright," GS8's organizer, as the payee on your statement.


Color Pro8-07 250D- This is a negative film that is great for digital transfers, however, it will not look normal projected through a super 8 projector, all screening will be done digitally. Currently, it is very difficult to get color reversal/positive film.

The Pro8-07 stock is best used in average outdoor light where partial shade is available. Situations like the woods or the city are perfect for this stock. It is a medium-speed daylight film with fine grain and ultra wide exposure range. ASA 250 daylight Kodak Vision 3; 13 stops of latitude. Manufactured exclusively at Pro8mm.

See an example here: https://vimeo.com/140712893

Color Super 8 Film- 1 Roll w/ Processing and Digital Transfer