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GS8 2023 Event Program


7PM        Doors Open

730PM    2023 GS8 Films (Note: There will be a 15 minute intermission)

 9PMish  Awards Ceremony

GS8 2023 Films

 GS8 2023 filmmakers are members of the community and the people's choice award gives them a chance to get accolades from their friends and neighbors. Creating a GS8 film is a labor of love and we hope you will be wowed by the creativity and hard work they put into this year's films.

 People's Choice Awards: You can participate in this event by voting for your favorite film to be crowned as the People's Choice. You can vote any time before the start of the awards ceremony (at the conclusion of the screening). The award winner will be announced at the event.  

when we were young

Director: Sarah Choi


Director: Seth Levy

Description: A Sunday walk in Georgetown Filmed in a classic GS8 style.

Missed Connections

Director: Kit Weathers

Description: Two strangers/potential lovers embark on a mission to find each other


  • Producer: Mad Holup

  • Key Cast: Kit Weathers, Mad Holup, Hunter Boen, Sam & Kat

  •  Cinematographer: Hunter Boen

Lot Rock


Description: Towards the end of Covid and the ban on social interaction, the neighborhood got together to enjoy some live music together. Party All the Time written by Rick James performed by Deep Cologne

Note: This film is a community submission and  is not eligible for the People's Choice Award

Gateway Park North

Directors: Royal Greaves & Ian Bright

Dead Baby 2023

Directors: Anthony Thambynayagan & Jason Austin

Note: This film is a community submission and is not eligible for the People's Choice Award

Handmade Film

Director: Peter Reiquam

Flora (Ode to the flowers of Georgetown)

Directors: Neil Rhoades, Alyson Stoner-Rhoades

Description: Inspired by family walks through the neighborhood and the beautiful flowers we stop to enjoy.

How to Hand Process Super 8

Director:  Laura Wright

Note: This film is a community submission and is not eligible for the People's Choice Award

Georgetown: Unleashed

Director: Karl Fezer

Description: Georgetown, Seattle is home to many characters. Detective Porkchop deals with an overreaching boss, a new partner, and a tough case all in one afternoon. Will she solve the crime? Will her new partner prove their metal?


  • Cast: Porkchop, Olivia Fezer, Marla Dunn, Monique Smith, Schnitzel

Dowsing Rug

Director: Gulshan Berlin

Description: A rug breaks free of its confinement in a basement, animated by its curiosity to the sound and shore of the Duwamish River.


  • Cast: Gulshan Berlin

  • Crew: Lyle Trepus

Fast Forward

Director: Grant Crawford

Description: A young man is left behind and now must activate a time machine to travel ahead int the future to reunite with his people.


  • Writer, Producer: Grant Crawford

  • Key Cast: Cameron Olson, Fred Good, Caleb Crawford

Tortured Souls

Director: Augie Pagan

Description: Touring a potential wedding location, a bridal party accidentally conjures a creature from an old board game causing their plans to go awry.


  • Writers: Augie Pagan, Katrina Hess

  • Producer: Katrina Hess

  • Key Cast: Christi Cruz, Ronnie Hill, Brian Pucheu, Jessica Staley, Shane White

A Shoddy Love

Director:  Audrey Weber

Wave Rider

Director: Anthony Thambynayagam

Description: Armed with a brainwave modulator, and the power to harness the delta wave domain, a man creates his own lucid reality embarking on a journey to track down the love of his life while hunting down the serial killers of the Duwamish Valley.


  • Writers: Anthony Thambynayagam

  • Producer: Anthony Thambynayagam, Corrie Greening, Randy Petigrew

  • Key Cast: Chris Pfeifle, Corrie Greening, J. "Kansas" McLvain

Diesel Mitts

Directors: M A Brown and amanda j mead


  • Writers: M A Brown, amanda j mead

  • Producer: Russell Tepper

  • Key Cast: Macy DeChamplain, amanda j mead, Chevy Silverado

  • Other Credits: Sound Design and Editing: Macy DeChamplain; Cinematography: Ursula Rose

Day Two

Director: Ahmad White

Description: What would you do if you had a second chance? Day Two follows the story of Mark as he discovers what is possible when he gets an offer he can't refuse.


Director: Chris Mosson

Description: Profile of Andrew Imanaka

Cast: Andrew Imanaka

Nak Muay Liver Snatcher

Director: Enya Garcia

Description: Musings on the art of violence outside of western society, specifically through Muay Thai.


  • Writer and Producer: Enya Garcia

  • Key Cast: Joshua Montgomery, Charlie Castaneda

Go to Sleep

Director: Corrie Greening

Description: Unable to know what is real or not, an insomniac struggles through life, trying to go to sleep.


  • WriterCorrie Greening

  • Key Cast: Hae Guk, Jason Austin, Young Sun Jung

  • Camera Operators: Corrie Greening, Anthony Thambynayagam

  • Music: R B, J M

Harbor Hate

Director: Chris Pfeifle

Description: a knife fight on the docks.


  • Writer: Chris Pfeifle

  • Key Cast: Jared Britt, Chris Pfeifle

Totally Not Haunted

Directors: Jason D. Austin, J. Lee Cizek, Allison M. Eltrich



  • Writers: Alison M. Eltrich

  • Producers: Georgetown Without Pity

  • Key Cast: Alison M. Eltrich, Jason D. Austin, Kerrington West, Bryan Z. Lindeman, Kayla Olson

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